We are excited to announce the themes for this year: 26 May @ Glebe Farm "Worm Charming", 9 June Midsummer Meet "Musicals", 28 July @ Cotton Arms "Bowls Weekend", 15 September @ Sycamore Farm DA FOL "Inventions", 11 October @ Victoria Park "Mark's 50th", 24 October @ St Annes Cricket Club "Halloween", 03 November @ Strines "Bonfire" & 8 December @ Helsby "Family Christmas Party".
Dates for Your Diary
Worm Charming

What a brilliant weekend at Arley Hall for the NWR Region Meet. I'm absolutely shattered. Think I can remember dancing the night away last night.

It was a great weekend and LCDA brought home all the trophies. Volleyball Winners and Runners up, Football Winners and Runners up and of course the prestigious Regional Kubb Trophy Winners 2017.
Regional Kubb Winners 2017

Hope you are all planning for the next Bank Holiday now. 26th May 2017 LCDA will be camping at Glebe Farm and Katy & Mark will be hosting the 5th Annual Worm Charming Competition. It's so much fun, you really do have to give it a try. Suitable for all ages xx

The programme for our Midsummer Meet 2017 is nearly ready for publication. We would still like to offer more stalls around the arena - fun stalls, flower stalls, craft stalls. If you would like to run a stall from 1pm to 2.30pm on the Saturday let Allison know through the contact us page. Also, our Chairman and his soon to be wife, Nick & Sam are running our tombola stall. If you can donate anything I know they would be really grateful. Please see Nick Blakemore or any committee member.

Take care, enjoy your camping and I'll see you soon xx Jo xx
You are invited to ....
the 5th Annual Worm Charming Competition
Glebe Farm, Astbury, Congleton, CW12 4RQ.

This will be our 5th Annual Worm Charming Event and it really does pull in the punters.

Come and have some fun and use your skills to charm the worms from the ground. Competitors compete for a trophy which is awarded to the person charming the most worms from their plot in thirty minutes. The title is held for one year. There are more trophies to win in fun categories.

The most successful method used so far is that of hand vibrating a four prong garden fork inserted approximately 15cms into the turf, now known as 'twanging'.

Buy your plot in aid of youth funds and have the most fun you’ve had in a while!!
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