Thornton Hall Farm - Thornton in Craven
Lancs & Ches D.A. invites all members to:
Thornton Hall Farm, Thorton in Craven, Skipton.
BD23 3TJ

M/R: 103 / 904482

05th - 07th May 2017

M65 towards Colne take A682 then turn Left onto A56 towards Foulridge/Kelbrook. Straight on through Kelbrook and Earby.

In Thornton in Craven turn left onto B6252. Site on Left opposite Church.

Stewards: Stewards Required
Cost PUPN: £9.00


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About Our Weekend at Thornton Hall Petting Farm
Located on the border of Lancashire and the Yorkshire Dales, Thornton Hall Farm is conveniently located for shopping, sight seeing, walking and fantastic family days out.

Situated right next door to Thornton Hall farm Park - an award winning animal visitor centre perfect for families. They are also right next door to a fantastic cafe, offering scrumptious home cooked food and cakes.

This really is a lovely small site, in the nicest of surroundings.

Electric hook up may be available on first come first serve basis and at an extra cost. No prebooking available.

Ian Kemp (2016): My review of LCDA and their Thornton Hall Farm Meet. After over forty years of not being "in the club." I decided to buy a value for money "cheap" motorhome and travel Britain. So I joined the C&C club of GB. To use their sites and meets. First Hollingsworth Lake to find any faults. Done and second, persuade my good lady out for a meet double done. So I dialled in the postcode for THF and set off. Finally got to Earby and then followed the directions and the clear signings "Yeay" to the site.

Met and greeted with smiles by Mick and Allison. Great start for an "old newbie." Cleared customs. Then given the details of the site and where one could park. "restricted by the farm, but for good reason."

We were the 6th on so could pick a "gudden", so to speak. I did the "man" jobs and Gail put the kettle on. Fair do's she's never camped as such, so she did what she knew and awaited to help as and when. The site:- Square in shape with the top left corner fenced off as a second site. Fairly flat on 2 edges "bottom and left" with the top open for the pet farm. Dipping shallow into the centre of the field. Very little levelling up done by myself. The vista for us was across the fields taking in the old church and the hills beyond, lovely jubbly. 2nd priority chairs, table and a nice cup o tea.

Met 2 members who remembered me and/or my family and reminisced a bit. Geoff and Jackie, Graham and Liz with their Cockadoodle. Most warm and welcoming to myself and Gail. As was everyone, me met and chatted with throughout the meet. The years fell away as I remembered how it was. Saturday and I was up early to a lovely bright and quiet day, a bit windy tho. I scrounged a brew off Graham and Liz and the "cockerdoodle.", " old habits die hard." As we chatted about anything coming to mind.

Later a social gathering was organised oodles of shared food abounded. "Alas I didn't know and so I just eat it, oh and drank it." I will be prepared next time I hope. Lots of chatting and laughing done by all, I had mentioned to Gail about how social it was/is. As she takes a while to warm up to people. Was I wrong, she was at it like a pro-fessional. She was made most welcome, which pleased me no end.

Sunday a biscuit morning and meeting about the up and coming meets. I never knew the "Bogie meet" was so serious, all I heard was " 7 hundredths of a second, gas shocks and independent suspension."

The farm employees and the manager I spoke with, were pleasant and helpful. Rides were used by the farm in our field. Much care was taken by the drivers around the children, who were just running around loose "as they should." For a fee the children could visit, Adults were free. The areas were clean and tidy. The café was well attended. And the midden was closed "thank goodness" But the Elson wasn't marked or noticed, which took some finding. I watched a member walk around for 10 mins. Phone Alison up, walk around again, then finally found it and then informed me "it was in the midden" as he passed us. I then informed others who passed us with "loo in hand." We left around 2 with 6-7 homes left on the field.

I know I ramble on, but for a reason. I left the meet feeling happy and satisfied. Happy my Gail was meeting new people, as was I. And satisfied that the old spirit and comradery hadn't left the "Lancs n Chesh."

We thank you all, for making us feel welcome and at ease. Ian and Gail.