D.A. Rules
Arriving on Site
Most site opening time's if not stated in the ‘Out & About’, are 12 Noon on the first day of the meet (usually a Friday), however, it"s worth checking with the Steward in advance. Please do not arrive earlier than the stated time unless you have previously phoned the Steward and received his or her permission to arrive early. Please be aware that if you do arrive any earlier then you may be asked to move.

On entering the site please observe the 5MPH rule (walking pace) and report to the Stewards unit to ‘Book In’. The Steward will generally have their unit set up close to the site entrance and they will have a STEWARDS sign outside their unit. This is the only formality all weekend and in itself is very informal.

When booking in your Steward will ask you for your membership cards and payment. They will inform you of the location of the water point and Elsan disposal point and will advise of events (if any) planned for the duration of the meet.

You are then free to pitch your unit anywhere within the site boundaries ensuring only that you are a minimum of 6m (20 foot) clear of any other unit. This includes awnings, tents and windbreaks.
Site Etiquette